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of this neighborhood and i'm talking about 16th and valencia. i saw jack michelin on the corner of 16th and valencia reciting skinny dynamite and he was angry. and the next day he was dead on the last bart train to concord and maybe that's why he was angry i met harold norse [speaker not understood] in a beaten world. a poem only hipsters read. [speaker not understood] he sighed before returning to his room in the abby on hotel where angels honeycomb the walls with dreams and the rent is paid with angry poems. i heard oscar [speaker not understood] brown buffalo footsteps pounding of valencia corridor and he was shouting poetry [speaker not understood] junkies nodding in their wasted [speaker not understood] in the hotel royale, the mission's finest. and even the furniture was angry. and i tell the waiters at the bus stop, the waitresses, the flower sellers, the blind guitarist [speaker not understood] at a purple sky, the shirtless vagrant vagabond ranting at a parking meter, the spray paint visionary setting fire to the word. and i knew this was the last call. we were tired of living from the scra
goza 3 a 1. >>> fwh mestalla valencia se enfrentÓ con spanyol, mexicanos fueron tito lehrs, valencia peÓo primero, en el 11 samuel longo con m embate, g Árbitro seÑala penal por mano de moreno, una decisiÓn protestada por jugadores y visitantes, moreno terminÓ expulsado junto a sergio garcÍa, soldado el encargado de cobrar la pena mÁxima que le da la vÍctctoria al valencia. >>> maÑana no se pierre dam partido de vuelta de liguilla mexicana entre toluca y chivas a ver si chivas se pueden recuperar y en repÚblica deportiva un invitado especial javier aguirre, no se lo pierda. >>> y con la navidad a la vuelta de la esquina, artesanos de michoacÁn tienen motivo para ser orgullosos porque algunas de sus obras, serÁn exhibido en el vaticano a partir de 12 de diciembre, este nacimiento realizado con pasta de caÑa, tambiÉn se exhibirÁ otro nacimiento con cera de pero pero, y dos Árboles decorado por artesanos del estado y con esto whe gams al final, mÁs adelante mÁs informaciÓn para ustedes.
to perform. he knows it will be a tough match. >> i know valencias going to be on the attack. the fans are here right behind your team. it's not going to be easy -- that's for sure. >> valencia also has a player with a good feel for his opponents. bell does has played for dortmund and he knows german football inside out. >> bayern munich has gone through tough a phase. they're released from this season and. but you can dance in champions league. they are well ahead in bundesleague as well. >> tonight's winner will have the best chance of reasoning -- -- the final 16 in the champions league. >> the m23 rebel group in the democratic republic of congo has advanced into the city of goma. >> the u.s. has polled the rest of the staff from the city saved they control the airport in the city and peacekeepers would remain to protect civilians. >> u.s. troops on the ground have been supporting the government forces. >> neighboring rwanda is expected -- suspected of supporting the rebels but panic is spreading with many fearing an escalation into war. >> the battle was over.
it is very specific at some times. for example, the apron of the made from valencia from the 1960's. ok, so i have to go to the market and find one. i not know exactly the apron of the maid of valencia in the 1960's. housewife, sorry. not a mate. it is not abstract, let's say. but specific in the color, which is absolutely inspiring and fabulous to go into the story. the movie was the cook, the thief, that one -- with helen merrin, who is absolutely fabulous -- helen mirren, fabulous actress. he showed me some painting of rembrandt and said, "uc that? could you do the in modern, in today? and i said i will try. yes, but it is part of the job. so i tried. i worked with a dutch artistic director, and i get to work with him. he was very specific and fabulous man. also, they were very specific about the color. in reality, they asked me because the color is a little like in the spirit. it is something in common. i was flattered to do that, but it is beautiful to see how much they are -- our work, our demand is to make a beautiful movie. i should not be able to do anything. i never though
on the next edition of people behaving badly in -- colise valencia (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. valencia street in san this is a fex ex big rig also double parked on valencia street just a few blocks away in fact if you drive up and not hard to find double parkers but these are not your average double parkers, these drivers are blocking the bike lanes, lanes set aside just for bicylist its like they don't care about us you know it's like if i go arould the guy im gonna get hit they don't care they always do that it wasn't hard for me to find drivers blocking the dedicated bike lanes, even with the threat of a 113 dollar parking ticket blinker on while crusing in the bike lane to be fair a lot of the truck driver are now using the center median to park rather than blocking the bike lanes although after talking to a few of them they still get tickets for being in the center median i spoke to the fed ex driver the one show here making the illegal u-turn on valencia, he told me he just puts the tickets on his managers desk >> i understand tha
el estadio mestalla el valencia de guardado se enfrentó con el español de héctor moreno ambos titulares para el encuentro valencia pegó prik ro con el en el 31 longo con el empate para el spanyol a dos minutos del final árbitro señala penal por mansz de moreno una decisión protestada por los jugadoras visitantes, moreno terminó expulsado junto a garcía, roberto soldado el encargado de cobrar la pena máxima. >>> en inglaterra chicharito hernández, en el minuto 60 anthony... metió un cabezazo para marcarlo único gol del partido, norwich city 1-a 0 sobre los red devil vlt. >>>. con este resultado y derrota de manchester un city cons gel liderato con 28 uno dwaedz el man u de segundo con 27 puntos. >>> y mañana no se puede perder el partido de vuelta de la liguilla mexicana entre local ta y chivas, a ver si las chivas se pueden recuperar tenemos un invitado especial javier vasco a gi wrae estará con fwhos otros. >>> gracias y con l fwhaf dado a la vuelta de la esquina artesanos demichoacán motivos para estar orgullosos porque algunas de sus obras, serán exhibido en e
greenwich, valencia 17th, clay fillmore, [speaker not understood], fourth and clement. so, even in some of those spaces there were some issues, which i'll touch upon some challenges which, again, the purpose of the pilot to identify what some of those would be. the other measure we looked at -- oh, i should mention when you're looking at this chart, you'll see a bar going across. and that was basically a control group of off-street spaces that also i think somewhat comports with industry averages or where we'd want to be. you could see some of them hit that bar right off the bat. some of them were approaching it. some were quite a bit away. similarly on this chart, this is looking at unique users, another measure that the industry looks at. generally we found that there was where you had high utilization, you had a number of high users. the purpose of this is to see how broadly based these spaces are being used and whether it's just one or two people using it. >> excuse me for a second. could you once again, can you just define how unique users are identified? what's a unique user or wh
been a member of valencia 13, and finally once to leave the gang, she did not ask for her fate. we need to listen to the needs -- providing them with jobs, with law enforcement and the community, we need to merge. you need to collaborate. you cannot speak to one another, you need to talk together. this is the challenge. i want to urge everyone in the audience, i take strength from those words, from that question as bobby threw down the gauntlet 30 years ago. you said you would always be there for me. meaning, the there in force, together with the understanding. thank you very much. >> let me begin this the scutcheon. you work every day with gang members. you were once a gang member yourself. why do you think you are effective working with young people and what does this mean to you and how we know that this is working. first of all, i want to thank god for his grace. i work with united players. i do reentry and the youth involved in juvenile delinquency. the majority of the kids i work with our gang members. i was formally -- formerly a gang member who grew up in san francisco. we all h
and one of the special projects at mission play ground around 24th and valencia. yesterday we had the great pleasure of cutting a ribbon in the richmond. here in district ten there is a park renaissance. we are seeing incredible things happening thanks to the parks bond and we have a new play ground at mclaren park and new restrooms at bay view hill top and mclaren and the improvements here. since 2010 the port has been an incredible partnership and promoting our youth stewardship program and our program and we have the inaugural class and kids products of this neighborhood and learning environmental education. they are getting paid. it is work and helping to steward the land and learning leadership skills and i want to name a couple of folks from that program. kimberly who runs the vote tear programming and zoey and brenda from green acres. where is brenda? she's not here and carolyn from the port who we have worked incredibly close with. [applause] just to conclude there has been a lot of talk about team lately. chris bochy said it yesterday and the mayor said it yesterday
, the central freeway cac prioritized two uses on caltrans owned parcels underneath the freeway near valencia and duboce. these were a skid board park and dog run facility. i'm also happy to be able to say that after lengthy discussions with caltrans who again is the owner of these parcels, we have reached agreement on terms so long term leases of these parcels and the board will be asked to approve these leases in the next few months so that dpw can begin construction on the skate park and the dog park early next year. and finally, the central freeway cac prioritized an active use at the portion of mccoppin street which had been dead ended due to the reconstruction of the raised freeway structure. this area known as the mccoppin hub is being designed as an active plaza open space. construction is also expected to begin next year. >> mr. rich, that's to the south of market street, that's where the mccoppin hub is? >> that's right, south to mccoppin south where market hits valencia street. that's a short report on the 22 parcels we received from caltrans. you should have a map in front of you
. >>> some business owners want the city to ban any new restaurants on valencia street. they want a more tore yum. the concentration has led to more. you are looking at valencia street back in 2010. three blocks have opened since last spring. >>> a memorial will be held because of a police officer killed in the line of duty 18 years ago. he was shot on franklin and pine back on november 13th 1994. he shot back but the man was wearing a ballistic jacket and they sponsored a bill making it illegal to sell body armor to felons. >>> one of the national football lesion say several oakland players are. >> supporting him. they said they were happy maryland legalized gay marriages and congratulated him for working for marriage equality. he by the way attended high school in santa cruz. >>> we want to go back over to sal, very busy. >> yes, one problem goes away and another one pops up. first we want to start off with one of the biggest problems in antioch. the sig crash is backed up to the antioch bridge. they are making progress but the traffic is just terrible. i want to mention, the bay bridge is
back to him. in the meantime, nick valencia is live at our middle east news desk monitoring all the news that's coming in about gaza and israel and what's happening there. nick, good morning. fill us in on what's happening. >> good morning, randi. this is the hub for our international news gathering division. we're next to a very special desk that we created today to monitor all the feeds and signals that are coming in out of gaza and israel. these are two middle east experts. i want to bring in ali. you've been monitoring several feeds going on. tell us a little bit about what you're doing at the desk. >> as this conflict is unfolding at an exponential rate, we are monitoring the arab channels as well as the israeli channels in the arabic language live. at the desk, we try to digest all this flood of information to bring to the audience in the u.s., to put them in perspective of what's going on here. >> and you see it is a very fluid situation. we're dealing with correspondents in the field. this is exactly where everything is funneled to. the arab league is convening in cairo
toll. we're keeping an eye on it, vick orror. >> nick valencia covering the international desk for us. >>> we're going from the middle east to the far east now, and that's where president obama spoke about the middle east. just a few moments ago the conflict there while holding a news conference in thailand. our white house correspondent dan lothian is in bangkok. what are we hearing from the president? we had it live. he talked more about burma and thailand and the trade there. what are we hearing his views as it relates to what's happening in israel with gaza. >> well, you know, are you so right. the main purpose of the president's trip here is to focus on this region and what this means for future expansion, for u.s. many terms of business, for military cooperation, but while advisors had been telling us about the sentiments within the white house, about the ongoing conflict between the palestinians and israelis, and we've gotten statements from the president, this is the first time we've heard the president weigh many. when he was asked a question about the violence there at the p
jose escobar en la 16 cerca a la valencia...aunque el de cesar parece haber sido por razones personales, el de escobar parece estar relacionado con pandillas.... greg suhr the true measure la verdadera medida de la violencia de pandillas en san francisco son los tiroteos no los homicidios, explico el jefe de la policia, y se han dado otros incidentes, peleas que no han culminado con personas muertas pero se puede decir que la temperatura esta caliente ahorita entre las pandillas de la mision. campos dijo que ahora grupos de prevencion estan trabajando coordinadamente con la policia a diferencia del pasado...ademas les han dado 30 mil dolares extras para aumentar su presencia. la policia tambien lo hara. david campos/supervisor de san francisco manana por ejemplo tenemos el dia de los muertos y habran muchos policias asignados para la estacion de la mision han habido 4 nuevos policias que han sido asignados permanentemente mientras tanto este grupo religioso de la arquidiocesis visitaba hoy el lugar donde cayo una de las victimas, esperando que la oracion traiga paz. julio escobar/arquid
resultados chicharito hernandez anoto para el manchester united , también el valencia gano 4 a 2 , la juventus gano con esto nos vamos nos vemos . >>> este pequeño gritaba obama . >>> obama obama ,y mira como se puso a bailar , sin embargo hablaba con'n los niños sobre política , no le cambie . encontro que la hipertension puede acelerar el envejecimiento del cerebro... segun los . >>> según los investigadores personas en edades cercanas , tenían un detorioro más cercano para detectar la hipertension en perú le dieron la bienvenida a una momia tiene unos 700 años de antiguedad de un niño de 2 años de la cultura inca , cuando intentaba contrabandearla a francia además del ttráfico de drogas està el tráfico de bienes culturales , pero
from opening on valencia street. the valencia street per chants association is asking the city for a one-year moratorium on new restaurants on restaurants between 16th and 24th street. mission district business owners say restaurants in the area have tripled because of the concentration of restaurants and that it also discourages people from interest shopping in the daytime. this is video of valencia street. 16 new restaurants have opened on a three-block stretch of valencia street since last spring. >>> 8:36. more americans expected to travel for the thanksgiving holiday this year compared to last year but aaa says the trips will be shorter. aaa just released its annual thanksgiving travel forecast. they predict 43 million americans will travel at least 50 miles from home. that's up almost 1% from 2011. aaa also expects gas prices to keep dropping through the thanksgiving holiday which will help boost travel. >>> all right. well, speaking of travel, let's check in with sal. >> we're getting some breaking news just coming into our newsroom. some sort of alert -- yellow alert. a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 104 (some duplicates have been removed)